Goodbye Televisa: After falling into drugs and romance with boss, driver leaves ‘Hoy’ and goes to TV Azteca?

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Mexico City.- A controversial actor and driver, who in the past experienced a strong addiction stageshocked the audience Televisa Well, yesterday, Friday, March 25, he did not show up to work on the program. Today after Eight years as part of the broadcast.

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It’s about the beloved Mexican Raul ‘El Negro’ Araizawho sank into the world of alcohol for several years, a vice that cost him his job and also his marriage to Fernanda Rodriguezmother of her two daughters from whom she separated definitively in 2019.

After his divorcethe presenter of 57 years started an affair with the psychotherapist Maria Amelia Aguilar but it only lasted a few months. He then he started dating the actress Margaret Vegabut the courtship with her did not prosper either because they did not have the same life plans.

In an exclusive interview for TVNotesAraiza confessed that he decided to end the Colombian because she wanted to get married and have children, but he no longer felt ready to return to those stages.

During this week the son of Doña Norm Herrera again he faced a scandal because the journalist Alex Kaffie brought to light that he would have a secret love affair with his boss Todaythe producer andrea rodriguez.

The television producer is presuming that he has already had lunch with ‘Negro’ (that is, Raúl Araiza), “said the columnist a few days ago.

It has been widely speculated that Raúl and his boss could get into trouble for this supposed romance, there is even talk of a possible dismissalbut none of it and neither the affair has been confirmed.

However, the “Negrito” has his thousands of fans very worried because this Friday he missed work again.

Yes, the driver was again absent from the morning of The Stars that lead Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Arath of the TowerPaul Stanley, among others.

So far, it is unknown why Araiza has been so absent, but he and the producer are expected to break the silence soon and come out to deny or confirm their alleged affair.

Source: TVNotas, Instagram @programahoy and @negroaraiza