Goodbye Televisa: After resigning from ‘VLA’ and abusing surgeries, they veto the host of TV Azteca

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Mexico City.- A famous conductor, who resigned from Venga la Alegría and could make it to reality show Aztec TVis destroyed in networks by users who ‘run’ from the program even before it starts.

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Is about vanessa claudiowho started his career on television but then he entered TV Azteca CEFAT. When she finished her studies, she entered the morning as a driver come the joywhich he resigned in 2019.

Although he spent some more time in the ranks of Ajusco, in 2020 he announced that he was leaving the company to go to Telemundo to be a driver in Tell me what you knowa program that went off the air a few months ago, although he resigned to go to Turkey.

His trip abroad did not turn out what he expected, so Claudio ended up returning to TV Azteca after it was reported that she was rejected to join the today program from Televisa. The Puerto Rican driver joined To the extreme to replace Carmen Munoz.

However, it was harshly criticized in networks because they argued that there was “overused surgeries” and lucia”disfigured and unrecognizable“. Although she denied becoming fixes and attributed his change to “extra pounds”They denied it.

The entertainment journalist Álex Kaffie even showed that executives They even demanded that stop injecting botox.

The order came from his superiors: ‘stop injecting botox into your face’. That is the demand that Vanessa Claudio, host of Al Extremo, received days ago. And it is that her bosses allege that the presenter’s face has lost naturalness and gesticulation due to the excess of botulinum toxin that has been put on her face, “she reported.

Now, the rumor arises that Vanessa would join the reality show Survivor Mexico 2022which will soon air on TV Azteca as well as I’m famous get me out of here!.

This was reported by the channel The Borlotein addition to assuring that some believe that he could not compete since presumably I would not be in good physical conditionbecause her figure would have been achieved with surgeries.

The last season of the reality show Survivor has already been announced and among the probable candidates is Vanessa Claudio. Although she is very beautiful and has an enviable figure, there are doubts that she can give the width in performance.”

The channel reported that after being rehired by TV Azteca, Vanessa allegedly had “gone unnoticed” in To the extremebut high command would presumably be convinced that it can give more.

Convinced that Vanessa has a lot to give, it is rumored in the corridors of the television station that they already want her to participate in Survivor, where they hope that she will provide good results in the audience.

And it is that those who participate would be practically athletes or celebrities with great physical and mental condition.

In the case of Vanessa, there are serious doubts that she can come out of it well, since a previous physical training is not noticeable that makes her stand out from her teammates who will compete for the victory. The enviable silhouette is not a product of exercise or good nutrition, but because of her surgeries, “said the channel.

The channel commented that in the same way the driver allegedly “would not have the mental strength” since they argue that in Telemundo He avoided confrontations with drivers and preferred to leave the television station so as not to have problems with his colleagues.

Vanessa is being promoted to Survivor, which if it happens will only cause disappointment because she is not ready, so the end result would be failure if she decides to accept the invitation, “they reported.

It is worth mentioning that this information has not been confirmed, so until now it remains as speculation.

Source: YouTube channel of El Borlote, Venga la Alegría and Instagram @vanessaclaudio and @alextremotv