Goodbye TV Azteca: After 28 years on the air and betrayal by executives, Chapoy is out of ‘Ventaneando’

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Mexico City.- Pati Chapoytitle of windowinga program that has been on the air for 26 years, leaves the forums of Aztec TV after being exhibited treason from the television station towards its decisions in the company.

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The entertainment journalist again came off the air this Monday, April 26, just a few days after it was confirmed that Atala Sarmientoformer driver of windowingreturned to Ajusco through the front door after having resigned in 2018.

Things between Atala and Pati did not end well, because the driver decided to go to Televisa just after leaving Aztec Television and then, when his program failed, to Spain with her husband.

After Atala’s departure, Pati ranted against her former colleague, calling her a person “envious” and of having “an inability to maintain a good relationship with the people around her”.

And although Atala herself revealed a few weeks ago that she would never return because she had “an eternal veto“In the company, which everyone believes would have been ordered directly by Pati, this was not respected and Atala returned to drive I’m famous, get me out of here!

As reported by several portals such as HRNotes Pati would allegedly seek “revenge” against the executives that they promoted the rehiring of the driver, since this would have been a supposed “public offense” towards her and would challenge her authority.

Despite all the differences between the two, executives would have betrayed Pati Chapoy because despite his influence, this was not enough to prevent Atala from being hired again, although in windowing his return has not even been mentioned.

And precisely among all these rumors, since neither Pati nor the drivers have expressed themselves in this regard, the driver did not appear on the air this Monday with the guest Laura Zapata. I quit? No, she just dropped the broadcast because she would be on vacation again.

Although he did not make it clear where he is, it is believed that there would be traveled to the United States to spend a few days off with your family. Also, she has been showing off the beautiful scenery from where she is.

It is unknown when Pati will return to the Ajusco forumswhere he has been for 28 years, however, it will surely be soon because he has made it clear that he will not retire and the program will continue to air, despite all those who claim otherwise.

Source: Instagram @chapoypati and @ventaneandouno, YouTube channel of HRNotas and Ventaneando