Goodbye TV Azteca: After 9 years, Linet Puente leaves ‘Ventaneando’ and Pedro Sola confirms the reason

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Mexico City.- The driver Linet Bridge abandon windowingprogram whose owner is Pati Chapoy and of which he has been a part for 8 years. The reason? Your partner Peter Alone He was the one who revealed it live.

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And it is that this Friday, the program drew attention to the sudden absence of Linet. With Pati on vacation, they only appeared in the box Monica Castaneda, Daniel BisognoPedro Sola and Rosario Murrieta.

The driver, who in 2020 publicly announced the separation of the father from his son and in the last few months he has had several health problemshad to leave the most famous show room in Mexico for a delicate reason.

It was his partner Pedro Sola who communicated on the air the reason why Linet was left out of the program that afternoon, saying that he had to go to the hospital urgently. Is he in poor health? No, but your son Noah was the one who needed medical help..

Sola reported that the driver’s son had to be treated at the hospital, although he did not indicate the reason. The presenter did not give more details, although he limited himself to saying that fortunately it was not seriousbut Linet had to leave Aztec TV to serve you.

After leaving the hospital, both were able to go home to rest. “Pedrito” even commented that he was even able to talk to the little boy.

Linet had to go to the hospital because the baby was sick, but I just talked to him and he’s already relieved, “he mentioned on the air.

So far, Linet has not commented on the health status of her little one, however, it is known that the minor would already be in good spirits resting at home, so the driver would return this Monday, May 9, to windowing.

Source: Instagram @linetpuente and YouTube channel of Ventaneando