Goodbye TV Azteca: After sinking Televisa, Chapoy confirms departure from ‘Ventaneando’ for this ‘project’

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Mexico City.- Pati Chapoy confirm in your account Twitter what leaves windowing for an important ‘project’ outside of Mexico after ranting against his former company Televisa and having spent 28 years in Aztec TV.

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After being absent from the show program that has been on the air for 26 years since last Friday, the controversial show journalist had not commented on the reasons, until this Wednesday, March 23, she confirmed what happened.

The head of shows in the adjustwho, as is known, began his career in Televisa but it was firedconfirmed in his account Twitter where she is and the new ‘project’ she is focused on.

Do you return to the television station in San Ángel? No, especially since the journalist has lashed out against Televisa in the past, such as when it emerged that they wanted to put her in jail in the 90’s, when they took away his exclusiveness to Silvia Pinal and recently with the bioseries of Vicente Fernandezwhich they claim would be illegal.

It turns out that the owner of windowing decided to leave the TV Azteca forums to take a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the cameras, since she published a video of a snowy landscapewhile in the background the laughter of his granddaughters could be heard.

And it is that the journalist decided to dedicate herself to her most important project: that of her family, leaving the ‘boat’ under the command of the rest of the team: Daniel Bisogno, Pedro Sola, Linet Puente, Monica Castaneda, Ricardo Manjarrez and Rosario Murrieta.

Pati left Mexico and went to Vail, Colorado in the United States to enjoy her vacations, just as she showed in a video from Instagram, because he recorded a couple who had just married. Even though confirmed his departure of the program, this -as is known- would be temporary.

Although several times the rumor has spread that he will withdraw from the media or that windowing will go off the air due to a drop in its rating, this has not turned out to be true and against all odds, they have followed by the signal of Aztec One.

Source: Twitter @ChapoyPati and Instagram @chapoypati