Goodbye ‘VLA’: After 6 years vetoed and abusing surgeries, host changes TV Azteca for Televisa

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Mexico City.- A controversial host and journalist, who spent 33 years in Televisa until dismissal Y veto in 2016, he returns to the San Angel TV after being in Aztec TV.

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Is about Adele Michaelwho in 2020 was harshly criticized in networks for allegedly abuse surgeries and of botoxsince he appeared in a video wearing unrecognizable.

As will be remembered, Adela was fired from Televisa in 2016 and executives vetoed her. She was also ‘frozen’ on TV Aztecasince Adela herself told in an interview that she realized the veto since when she went to promote a project, they cut her out of the interview.

It was said that she was banned from adjust by alleged orders of Pati Chapoytitle of windowingfor reviving the controversy of Sergio Andrade in the Trevi-Andrade case, although this was not confirmed.

And although last March he surprised by debuting in the Venga la Alegría morning show, where he talked with the hosts of Gossip No Like and even kissed Javier Cerianinow leaves TV Azteca to return to Televisa.

Apparently, after 6 years vetoed, Televisa forgave the punishment of the controversial driver and attended as the first guest ofe Losing the trialprogram broadcast by The stars and produced by Forest Memo.

The driver went to her old company with Maca Carriedo and was put on trial, where he accused her of being “a workaholic” who “exploited her”, since both work together on her program the sagastreamed on YouTube.

Everything was for comedy purposes and his participation left more than one in shock, since it was believed that he would never set foot on Televisa again, despite the fact that he had been in its ranks for 33 years.

Source: Comedia District YouTube channel and Instagram @vengalaalegriatva and @adelamicha