Goodbye ‘VLA’: After sinking Chapoy and begging for work on TV Azteca, Televisa removes the veto from the host

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Mexico City.- A controversial driver, who was 6 years banned from Televisa after being fired after 33 years of being in their ranks, he returns to the television station and leaves in shock because just a few weeks ago it was said that asked for a job at TV Azteca.

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Is about Adele MichaelTo who television executives They ran from the company in 2016 and ended up banned. Micha also revealed that the Ajusco vetoed itbecause she realized that they cut her from an interview.

As reported by the YouTube channel jackalor in 2018, the veto was because Micha supposedly sank Pati Chapoy for bringing up the producer issue again Sergio Andradewith whom the driver of windowing.

The television station’s head of shows (Pati Chapoy) gave the order that Adela’s name not be mentioned from now on in any of the TV Azteca spaces,” he reported.

And it is that a few weeks ago Micha went to come the joy, which confirmed that the veto was lifted in Ajusco. The driver was in the morning with the drivers of Gossip No Like and even kissed Javier Ceriani.

Due to her sudden appearance in the competition of what was her company for 33 years, it was said that Adela she begged TV Azteca to hire herbecause he was only on the radio and in his program broadcast by Youtube.

Micha visits TV Azteca but no one offers her a chance. Desperate for a space on open TV, Adela would settle for going out on a paid one in order to return to the small screen. Although she has delivered projects and has done tests for TV Azteca, the company has rejected her, “said Chacaleo.

However, now Adela made an impact by returning to Televisa after 6 years banned. This Thursday, Adela let see through instagram stories who was touring the facilities of Televisa San Ángel with Maca Carriedo to go to the forum 9.

We are coming to Televisa San Ángel for the first time since I left Televisa, I return to Televisa at any of its headquarters,” he said.

The controversial journalist highlighted the “strict” measures against Covid-19 that they have on television.

They get very special because it’s good, right? On the other hand, because if you don’t bring this KN95 you can’t get in.”

Given this, Maca added: “The temperature, the mat and if you hug there is a recording that tells you, ‘keep a healthy distance'”.

Why did he come back? Although she did not want to give details of how it was possible that she they will lift the veto, the reality is that he exposed the program for the scenery. Micha will participate in an episode of the series losing the judgment from the producer Forest Memo.

Wait to see what I come up with (…) I’m recording,” he wrote and said.

Source: Instagram @adelamicha, @vengalaalegriatva, Chacaleo YouTube channel