Grand cape for Ashley Olsen: the famous twin married to her darling Louis, discreet ceremony

Just because Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are twins doesn’t mean no one else can share the lives of actresses and fashion designers. One of them has just passed the milestone of marriage. Ashley Olsen, 36, took advantage of the magic of the end of year celebrations to marry her darling, the artist Louis Eisner, during a very intimate ceremony on December 28th. It was in their villa in the Bel Air district of Los Angeles that the couple invited a handful of relatives and friends, around fifty people in total, to attend one of the most beautiful days of their lives. according to the serious site Page Six.

Few details have leaked regarding the event. A discretion like the couple who, in five years of relationship, only made one official appearance at a party organized by the artist’s father in 2021. We can therefore only imagine the day and the evening during which Ashley Olsen had to put on her 31 – which she had perhaps created herself – to shine in society.

Marriage, each in turn

If this is a great first for Ashley Olsen, who has had love stories with Matt Kaplan, Lance Armstrong or even Justin Bartha, his sister Mary-Kate had already been there. After romances with, among others, Stavros Niarchos, the ex-companion of Paris Hilton, the actress had fallen in love with a Frenchie who could not be closer to former President Nicolas Sarkozy: his brother Olivier. Despite their 17-year gap, the lovebirds had passed the ring on their finger. But after six years of marriage and almost 10 years of relationship, the rumors of separation are confirmed by their divorce.

For the moment, the descent of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen is not yet assured. The twins have not had the opportunity to become a mother for the moment. It remains to be seen whether business women want it and if there is a baby, they will reserve for them the same path as the one they experienced from an early age on film sets.