Great concern for Dolly Buster

She was once the most dazzling figure in the erotic industry: Dolly Buster became a sex icon in the 1990s. After her active career, she tried one thing above all: to calm down. She tried her hand as a painter, singer and author, but due to a sudden hearing loss in 2017, Buster was no longer able to pursue these hobbies either. Today, the former sex symbol avoids events and lives more withdrawn than ever. She revealed the reason for this in an interview with “Bild”.

Dolly Buster: “I have depression and tinnitus”

She has been “very ill” for years: she suffers from depression and tinnitus. “My health has worsened terribly over the years and everyday life is a nightmare. I can’t get out of the situation, even though I’m taking part in a wide variety of treatments.” Very often she just lies lazily in bed: “After my dog died, I didn’t even dare to buy a new one. I wouldn’t even have the strength to go into the forest with him. If I get up at 2 p.m. one day, I could fall asleep again at 2.30 p.m., I’m so powerless.”

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Everyday life scares her: “It’s as if you want to run away but can’t.” A situation that is hard to imagine. Sometimes she feels so bad that she has to take pills to fall asleep and then sleeps through the night for days.