Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía’s baby moves to the rhythm of the mother’s music

In December 2021, the actress and singer Greeicy Rendón and her partner, also an artist, Mike Bahía, announced that they were expecting their firstborn. Since then, the couple has not stopped sharing with their followers how the pregnancy has progressed and the experiences with the new member of the family, who could be born in mid-April.

The singer, who together with her partner finished on March 18 the Lovers Tour 2022 in the city of Medellin, she shared a new video about her baby on her Instagram account that touched her more than 20.3 million followers.

The video shows impressive images of how the baby moves inside Greeicy’s womb while the song “Apretaito” playsone of the most recent releases of the artist from Cali.

The comments of his followers did not wait and wrote: “She is doing the slow and sensual steps of the mother”; “She has the same movements as her mother, incredible”; “the best feeling in the world” and “magical and sublime moment”.

Greeicy Rendón also surprised her followers with some photos in which she poses completely naked, showing the advanced state of her pregnancy and the joy she feels at having her first child. In addition, she assured that she had never felt her body so beautiful and that she is sure that she will miss her belly.

Magical that someone who still doesn’t speak can tell you so many things 🌺. Incredible that someone you don’t know can make you feel so much… can correct you and give you the desire to do so much… to learn, to grow… to be BETTER”, says the message that accompanies the photograph.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

The sex of Greeicy and Mike Bahía’s baby is still a mystery and everyone, including the couple, will have to wait until the baby is born to have this information, since it was a decision they made themselves.

The couple wants to be surprised even with the smallest detail and, contrary to what some do, if they have a baby shower, It won’t be this event where they find out if they’re going to have to raise a boy or a girl.

However, this unknown was not a problem for the next parents to decide to tattoo a new name on their bodies. Still not knowing the sex of the baby, Both Greeicy and Mike put their skin back under the needles to ink Kai’s name, which was inscribed forever on the fingers of his hands.

What’s more, the couple took advantage of the visit to the tattoo center to inscribe a couple more phrases on their bodies. “Whenever there is love, the best decisions will be made”, was one of these, in honor of “Att: love”, the new song they recorded together.

Likewise, now the skin of Mike Bahía will also be able to show on his hand the phrase: “I was happy and I didn’t know, I guess that’s life, we focus on the place, when what matters is and always will be the company”.

“We still don’t know what it is”

Of course, many Internet users were surprised to see that the name that the couple tattooed was not exactly neutral like Indigo, the name that Camilo and Evaluna have prepared for their baby, since Kai is clearly a name that in the western culture has a masculine connotation.

For this reason, to silence all the rumors that Greeciy is pregnant with a child, the same singer decided to record a video in which she explained that, although they believe that she may be a “little man”, the truth is that they still do not know what be.

For this, considering that in the past they had already tattooed a female name, Arena, wishing that their first baby was a girl, to balance the scale now they decided to mark Kai. With that, whatever it is, they will have both names on their skin forever.