Greeicy Rendón reappears on social networks after the birth of her son

On April 21, singer Greeicy Rendón gave birth to her long-awaited baby. That Thursday morning, Mike Bahía announced with a special message on his social networks that their baby was born.

It should be remembered that the rumors about Rendón’s pregnancy began before Bahía asked her to marry him in 2021, and since the status of the singer was verified, both were informing their followers about the progress of their new family situation.

Now, after the birth of her baby Kai, Greeicy Rendón is in perfect health and brighter than ever, at least that was what the photo published by Mike Bahía in his Instagram stories conveyed.

However, the singer had not spoken on her official networks until this Tuesday, May 17. Finally, she is back after the hiatus she took after Kai’s birth.

Through a story on his Instagram account, Rendón, with bilirubin playing in the background, she wanted to make her first appearance by asking her followers how they saw her.

Greicy Rendon
With “La bilirubina” playing in the background, Rendon wanted to make her first appearance by asking her followers how they saw her. WEEK photomontage. – Photo: Instagram Greicy Rendon

“Hello, you may be wondering how I am, what do you think? How do you think I feel at this point in my life?expressed the singer in her stories, posting a box of questions with an answer option for her loyal followers, friends and fans to answer.

However, the artist in another section of the story, with a face of “anguish”, answers herself and says that she feels at a dead end, but with a joking laugh.

She then asks her baby (not shown in the video) “why uh baby?”

The last thing that was known about the couple was that Greeicy had given birth, which was corroborated by a post by Bahia on her Instagram stories.

In the image, the singer and actress from Cali was seen smiling, sitting on a bed in the health center where she gave birth to her firstborn. Dressed in light blue hospital gowns and caps, the woman from Cali looked slim and with a good face.

In the publication, Bahía dedicated a short message to his partner: “Thank you, amazing woman”, as a way to highlight the strength and attitude that the young woman has shown during her pregnancy and now as a mother.

This image generated several reactions among the couple’s followers, since they initially assured that it is the first photo of the singer after giving birth; an image that draws a lot of attention for the freshness and vitality with which the artist appears.

Greeicy Rendon
The artist looks in perfect health. It is not known if she had a natural delivery or a cesarean section. – Photo: Instagram Mike Bahía

On the other hand, in a post The baby’s feet are also shown marked on one of his arms. With this, the artist announced her happiness, followed by an emotional message for the 29-year-old performer and composer.

“From today we leave a mark, compañera @greeicy I admire you, I respect you and I celebrate you; you keep taking me to another level YOU ARE AMAZING! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!” Mike Bahía wrote.

Will there be marriage?

The couple recently revealed that they hope to get married in a few years when their baby is more aware of everything and can be a part of the event.

For now, Rendón said they want something quiet and intimate. “We want something very quiet and very intimate. If we are to wait after delivery, we prefer to wait until our son or daughter is more aware, be more present, can come with us and be part of that moment when we arrive at the altar. We are not in a hurry, I think we are going to wait a couple of years”.