Grégoire Bonnet: his radical choice which caused the break with the mother of his daughter, Aurélie

Grégoire Bonnet is a French actor who appears in several series. Since 2021, it melts into the skin of the Advocate General, Jacques Kowalski, in the television series The code. You can also see it on M6 in Scenes of households. This Wednesday, January 18, 2023, a new episode of the legal series was offered to the public of France 2. Namely, there are two seasons available on the platform somersault. This made us want to find out a little more about his private life. Obviously he has often puts career ahead of family

Grégoire Bonnet reveals the reasons for his breakup with his former partner and mother of his daughter

Indeed, besides his job, Grégoire Bonnet is a dad of one 15 year old girl called Églantine. During the first years, it was mad love with his companion Aurélie. But today they broke up. A sudden separation for the actor. Grégoire Bonnet did not expect it, but he recognizes that he is responsible and has a lot of wrong.

A very busy artistic schedule

During an interview with journalists from Gala, in October 2020, Grégoire Bonnet revealed the causes of their break-up. The main reason concerns its “minister” schedule... In 2015, the actor had a lot of notoriety thanks to the success of the two series Nina on France 2 and Scenes of households on M6. But he didn’t stop there. Indeed, he continued to play on the boards of theaters, because it has always been his first love.

Necessarily, with all its activities, he had no more time for his family. Aurélie makes the decision to break up. ” This is one of the causes of our breakup. A separation without clashes or broken glasses“, explained Grégoire Bonnet to Gala.

Grégoire Bonnet keeps an excellent relationship with his former companion

Even if they are no longer a loving couple, they remain a parental couple and they have remained very good friends. Indeed, Grégoire Bonnet and Aurélie still get along very well. The old couple see each other regularly and even continue to go on vacation together. ” We get along so well that the three of us even go on vacation. And not just to please Églantine“, told his former companion, always for the teams of Gala. Indeed, she was at his side at the time of the interview.

On the other hand, it also obliges the new spouses to have to accept this complicit relationship. ” We immediately announce the color to them. Keeping the relationship we have with Aurélie intact, seeing each other often, having dinner together, is our sine qua non.“, he revealed.

But, if there is one person for whom this poses no problem, it is Eglantine. She is happy for her parents. ” It’s very good like that. Mom and dad can’t stop kidding, but at least they never fight“, said the girl. Many people dream of such a peaceful separation. Alas, this is not always possible. Most of the time, animosity, jealousy, resentment come into play! In any case, it is a good example for all separated couples. Like what sometimes everything is possible!