Grégoire: “Self-confined” for his children, Paul and Léopoldine, rare confidences before his comeback

We hadn’t seen him since his last album in 2018, here he is back: the singer Gregory will release an album soon, followed by a tour of France, his first in seven years. A beautiful event that fills him with joy, even if he absolutely does not regret this break, as he told the magazine Paris here.

I returned to the stage on March 12 near Lille“, he explained, before revealing that he hadn’t really been bored all these years. “It hadn’t happened for seven years because after the birth of my children, Paul (9 years old) and Léopoldine (7 years old), I ‘self-confined’ to take care of them. Now that they are more independent, I will reschedule concerts“, he explains, no doubt delighted to find his audience.

Two children born in 2012 and 2014 from his marriage to Eléonore, by his side for many years. And who already seem ready to follow in his footsteps: “My son has chosen the piano and is taking lessons. My daughter loves to sing. Music is very present at home but I don’t impose anything on them, so as not to disgust them. On the other hand, I do everything not to leave them behind a screen, so that they can have time to be ‘bored’ otherwise.“, he continues.

A trio between the father and his two offspring is therefore not yet in the news, but could well happen, now that Grégoire’s life-saving break is over. A break that did him good: “Accompanying them brought me a lot“, he confides to the magazine. “Nothing was calculated“, however, explains the one who has been at war with Benjamin Biolay for several years.

I followed my instinct, which was to be by their side. I consider myself a daddy hen. Even if I go to bed late, it seems important to me to take them to school and accompany them in their activities.“, he concludes, happy to have spent time with his two toddlers and to offer them a stable family life, he who lost two of his three brothers very young. And we can imagine that Paul and Léopoldine will be very happy to see their dad on stage to sing along to his best hits!