Grettell Valdez gives news of her son, Santino Borghetti; he shakes his companions from Televisa

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Mexico City.- Last Friday, March 18, Grettell Valdez gave tremendous News about his son, Santino Borghetti. The shock was such that several celebrities reacted to the publication of the actress of When I Fall in Love, class 406, Lola: Once upon a time once and Rebel.

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Just over 13 years ago, Grettel and her then partner, Patrick Borghetti They revealed that the actress was pregnant and shortly after, both decided to separate, although they continue to have a great friendly relationship for their son.

For their part, several Valdez followers were able to witness the growth of Santino, who over the years has matured, but nothing prepared the fans of the actress for the News that she was about to give them.

It turns out that little Borghetti is no longer so small since, according to data from Grettell, his son measures 1.80, that is, a height outside the average in Mexico.

1.80 my baby is tall I still remember when you kicked me in my belly, I love you

celebrities like Sandra Echeverria, Andrea Legarreta, Silvia Navarro, Haydee Hoffman, Rossana Najera and Oswaldo Zarate They reacted impressed to this news.

Sources: Instagram @grettellv