‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Kate Walsh has changed quite a bit over the years

Kate Walsh (55) made her breakthrough with the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”. As the beautiful wife of the show crush “Mc Dreamy” (played by Patrick Dempsey, 57), Addison Montgomery was so well received by viewers that she even created her own spin-off series from 2007 to 2013 entitled “Private Practice ” received. The California native has changed her style several times over the years. Especially at the beginning of her career, Walsh looked completely different from how she is known today. Instead of the long copper-colored mane, she wore her hair short and blond at the time – and the make-up was colorful! She started as a model in the 80s, but not in the USA, but in Japan. Before she finally found herself in front of the television cameras, she worked for the radio station “National Public Radio” and was part of a theater group in New York. With so many different jobs, visual transformations are also obvious.

We show you this in the video above. There you can see how Kate Walsh has changed over time and the different styles she has tried.

Kate Walsh Returns to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for Season 18

From May this year, fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” can look forward to seeing Addison again. Then Kate Walsh will finally slip into her doctor’s coat again and pay a visit to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital for Season 18. The doctor’s program has been successfully flickering across German screens since 2006 and since then some world-famous stars have romped around on the show.

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