Guardian of King Charles reaps Shitstorm after TikTok video

So check who you hire. King Charles will not be happy about his employee Jimmie Straughan.


the essentials in brief

  • King Charles will not be amused about this.
  • A guard shows footage of Windsor Castle.

Was the TikTok video worth it?

Jimmie Straughan is a member of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace. During his shift, the young man made a video of his work.

So far not really bad, he would not work for the English Royals. Because there is absolute secrecy in the job.

During his shift, Straughan was surprised that he didn’t see a royal. Instead, according to his video, he has to be satisfied with two ducks on an English green.

“I’m standing here at Windsor Castle and I thought I was checking on the royal family. But I see nothing but two ducks, »says Straughan.

How do you like the video of “Queen’s Guard” Jimmie Straughan?

While everyone is currently talking about his TikTok video (as of January 4, 450,000 views), he should probably be rid of his job soon.

King Charles shouldn’t be amused by this video. – TikTok /@jimmiestraughan

“This is the end of your career,” said a user under the video. “Oh boy, what was going through your head,” writes another.

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