Guardianship of star actor Amanda Bynes ended

She is no longer under her mother’s guardianship. After almost nine years, a court has now ended this regulation, which affected US actress Amanda Bynes.

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Amanda Bynes’ guardianship by her mother has officially ended. After nine years, a court in Oxnard, California, gave the 35-year-old actress back her freedom on Tuesday morning, according to the US magazine “People”.

“Will continue to prioritize my well-being”

In a statement obtained by the site, Bynes thanked her parents and fans and was quoted as saying: “Over the past few years I’ve worked hard to improve my health to be able to live and work independently. I will continue to prioritize my wellbeing in this next chapter.”

In February, the former child star had filed a petition to end guardianship, was supported by both parents. She was not present at the court hearing in person: the judge found that Bynes, who suffers from bipolar disorder, had done everything the court required and had done so over a long period of time.

“Fantastic job by everyone!”

Guardianship is therefore “no longer necessary,” the judge acknowledged. He then congratulated Bynes: “Congratulations Ms. Bynes and fantastic job by everyone!”

The actress, known from “Hairspray” or “Easy to Have”, was noticed in 2013 by unusual behavior or drunkenness. Among other things, she had started a small fire in a driveway. She was then placed in a psychiatric clinic, and her mother took over guardianship.

Britney Spears’ guardianship dispute recently made headlines. The now 40-year-old singer was under her father’s guardianship for 13 years after she collapsed mentally in 2008 due to personal and professional problems. The singer regained her freedom last November. Incidentally, Bynes’ efforts had nothing to do with the sensational trial of Britney Spears. Her lawyer David A. Esquibias assured the US portal “TMZ” that the end of her guardianship had been planned for years.