Guillaume Durand in mourning: his mother is dead, he thanks the hospital for his gesture

Guillaume Durand is in mourning. On Twitter, on January 27, 2023, the journalist posted a moving message, thanking the hospital staff for the care of his mother.

It is a terrible ordeal that Guillaume Durand is going through. As he announced via his Twitter account on January 27, 2023, he lost his mom. She died on January 26. “My dear Mum left us yesterday. The Parisian art world will remember Nicole Durand. She accompanied my father and their modest and inventive gallery all her life. Thank you to Corentin Celton Hospital for relieving her suffering. Let’s have lunch on the grass was also for her.” he published, without revealing the causes of his disappearance.

In comments to his publication, Guillaume Durand received many messages of support. “Faithful thoughts dear Guillaume. RIP” Roch-Olivier Maistre wrote to him, senior French official. “Condolences William” added Hélène Zelany, journalist at Europe 1, “All my thoughts and my affection to you dear Guillaume” explained Patrick Simonin. For his part, Nelson Monfort also shared a tender message of support. “Such a beautiful message with so much modesty…rest in peace Madam, next to the artists who have accompanied your life” he wrote.

Guillaume Durand: his fight against jaw cancer

Note that if he has to face the death of his mother, which occurred two years after that of his father, Guillaume Durand is also fighting to get back in shape. Indeed, the journalist has just come out of an operation he underwent for his jaw cancer. Moreover, on January 18, during his appearance on the show “Chez Jordan” on C8, he confided in this subject. “They put a piece of leg in place of my jawbone.” he had explained. Very amarigri, he had also revealed that he had lost a lot of weight, going from “90 to 75 kilos” in a flash. What saved him? The fact that he was very athletic. “I don’t want anyone to go through this” he concluded.