Gülcan Kamps: daughter comes after mom: “Baby Kamps talks”

We know the ex-VIVA presenter as a woman of many words. TV presenter and actress Gülcan Kamps (40) loves to communicate with her fans and also likes to have a little chat in her Instagram story. Much to the delight of her followers, because they are taken into every life situation of the 40-year-olds. In her latest Instagram story, Gülcan speaks to her fans and gives them a little “mommy update”. However, she did not reckon with her little darling. He doesn’t let his mom finish speaking for long and quickly babbles in between. The offspring probably got the speech workload from their mother in the cradle. Mama Gülcan also immediately sees the resemblance and writes: “Baby Kamps talks a lot, just like Mama”. Gülcan is certainly not entirely wrong. It remains to be seen what happens when her baby hits puberty and knows more than just three words.

You can see the cute video of the little Kamps chatterbox in the video above.

Gülcan Kamps: She rises in her mom role

In December, Gülcan and her husband Sebastian Kamps (40) became the parents of their little darling. Since then, Gülcan has been completely immersed in her mom role. The 40-year-old cult presenter repeatedly emphasizes that she loves being a mom and never wants to be without it again. The proud mother recently congratulated her little angel with the following words: “Mom and dad love you more than anything, all our lives,” said the happy parents. Even if Gülcan likes to talk about her new phase of life quite openly, she and her husband Sebastian continue to keep both the name and the gender of their favorite secret.

You can find out to what extent the birth of her child has changed Gülcan Kamps in the video above.