Gülcan Kamps: Muckis through “baby workout”

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Gülcan Kamps: Muckis through “baby workout”
“Very defined arms”: New mom Gülcan Kamps suddenly has muscles because of the baby © Instagram

Toned arms because of her baby! Gülcan Kamps revealed that she suddenly has muscles because of her child. The presenter thanks her offspring for her new muscles.

Meerbusch near Düsseldorf – Gülcan Kamps (39) raves about her new “Baby Workout”! The TV personality, who was born in Lübeck, said yes to her husband Sebastian Kamps (40) in 2007 and welcomed her first baby together with her lover last year.

As part of an Instagram post, in which she shared a beautiful snapshot of herself with her followers, the new mom gave an update on her new everyday life with a baby. She revealed that three months after the birth, a lot would have changed. By carrying her little darling, she suddenly discovered newly defined arms with muscles. The real estate agent wrote, “For the first time I have very toned arms and I owe this ‘baby workout’ to my little darling.” The proud mom also joked that it would be “a special kind of personal training.”

Gülcan Kamps is happy about muscles because of “baby workout”

The wife of the heir to the bakery also thanked her little offspring for helping her get her well-trained arms. The beauty explained in her post that she has her baby to thank and her overall weight. She gratefully announced: “Well, at this point I have to thank my little darling and a total weight of almost 8kg.” “ Of course not missing. The presenter seems delighted with her newly defined arms, which she’s gotten just from carrying her bundle of joy!