Gusi could not hide his emotion when he included his alumnae team

Jenny Ramírez came to ‘La descarga’ looking for a new opportunity to show Colombia her vocal talentjust as he did in 2015 when he went through ‘La voz teens’.

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For her, that experience was one of the most enriching since it allowed her to boost her passion for music, especially in the popular genre. “It was an immense joy. I was never afraid to stand on stage. I felt that it was my moment and I enjoyed it to the fullest”he expressed.

His participation in the children’s competition was remarkable, so much so that he became a finalist in this contest. in which he had Gusi as a mentor. There, in addition to his recognition and artistic growth, he won a scholarship to fully pay for his university studies.

In a new chapter of ‘La descarga’, it was Jenny Ramírez’s turn to get on stage again, this time, to find out which group she was going to belong to.

Before your presentation, The young woman indicated that she wanted to stay with Marbelle and thus be able to learn from her vast experience in the popular genre and the ranchera, but another mentor was faster than the singer.

When the moment of truth arrived and interpreted ‘Cucurrucucú Paloma’, the four mentors rushed to press the button to have her on their teams. But after her ‘show’, Jenny is welcomed into Gusi’s group.

The interpreter of ‘My beautiful love’ did not hesitate to show the emotion of working again with the participant he met 7 years ago.

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“I am speechless, Jenny, but very happy to continue contributing to your path. Seeing you here was a very pleasant surprise, seeing your desire to continue fighting and we have many more finals to compete together and I hope to be your mentor for life. I am committed to you, your family and your career. Thank you!” Gusi expressed upon receiving it.

For her part, for the young woman what fate brought her was surprising, but he also celebrated returning to his “musical father.”