Gustavo Bolívar defended his work with the RCN Channel

The resignation of Gustavo Bolívar of the Senate of the Republic raised dust in the political environment so it may be a possible launch to the Bogotá Mayor’s Office by the now ex-congressman. Although this has not been confirmed, another of the reasons for his departure from the Capitol is due to the fact that he will resume his profession as a librettist. and he is working on a novel that he is preparing for Canal RCN.

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Bolívar, in an interview with Semana Magazine, gave details of the reason for his retirement and explained that the salary of more than 30 million pesos he had as a senator is not enough to pay his debts, which exceed 1,500 million pesos. For that reason argued that his decision to work for RCN it is due to an economic issuesince the two novels that he is planning will allow him to pay off all debts.

“Pay off some debts that I have and save for those four years in office. Because what one earns in politics as a salary is not enough in my case to pay even property taxes and taxes. With a [novela] I have some left and with the other I can have some CDT or finish an investment in Girardot, a park that I started and had to abandon due to politics. It’s there rotting. I have calculated finishing it so that with that income I can do politics without living on politics, ”he commented.

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gustavo bolivar and your opinion about the RCN Channel

Furthermore, he gave details of your relationship with the RCN Channel, a means of communication that he has criticized on several occasions, because according to him he was very close to Uribismo at the time; however, that It has not been an impediment to working with that company on entertainment projects.

“I have had discussions with them. In the informative line, the same thing, there came a time when the newscast already became an appendage of Uribismo, and that hurts journalism; So, I maintained those criticisms and never received a reproach from them. But professionally It is a company that has treated me very well, they are very serious and correct in every way. My thing is to make a novel and have a rating, ”she said.