Gustavo Bueno criticizes the Neighborhood Council, a series in which Andres Wiese participates: “It is terrible and unbearable” | entertainment | celebrity | SHOWS

The actor Gustavo Bueno has become a trend on social networks and not because of some new TV series in which he participates, but because of his comments towards the Neighborhood Council, a program where he works. Andres Wiese and Michele Soifer.

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It is worth mentioning that the Peruvian actor is working on the telenovela Maricucha and, in an interview with the Magacín 247 portal, he did not hesitate to fill her with praise.

“The comedy is good, it’s well done, it’s directed by Ani Alva, who is a very capable woman. The script is good before that novel we have another, which is terrible, unbearable, they show it before (neighborhood council) It is from the same production company, but Maricucha is very well done, the cast is very good and it is very well done”, express.

Gustavo Bueno: “Melodrama works, but you have to do it right”

In an interview for Correo, the actor noblely confesses that the traditional soap opera is not a television genre that keeps him up at night, but he admits that “Maricucha”, a story in which he plays Don Antonio Corbacho Robles made him change his mind because of his unique style.

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The melodrama works, but do it well, you don’t have to make it fake, overreacted, caricatured in the extreme, when the characters are not believable it’s a scary thing. They take everything to the limit, that’s why I can’t stand novels in the style of La rosa de Guadalupe, for me it’s as if they sent me to the firing squad.