Guy Carlier, his very complicated relationship with his son Carlito: the Youtuber empties his bag

Not everyone is lucky enough to get along well with their parents, especially in the world of show business. Raphaël Carlier knows this well since he is exactly in this situation. The famous Youtuber of the duo McFly & Carlito is the son of Guy Carlierauthor and columnist, and he has never hidden how complex their relationship was.

In question ? His dad’s fame and the disease that Guy Carlier suffered from when he was younger and which, according to him, ruined the father-son bond: “When I was a kid, he weighed 250 kilos. It’s not even conceivable for the human brain. Morbid obesity is terrible, it marked me. I was afraid for him, at any moment, his heart, his knees, everything could give out. And besides, his knees ended up yielding. […] I was a little angry with him for not reacting.”

Now relieved of several tens of kilos, Guy Carlier has changed his appearance and has, a priori, achieved the goal that his son Raphaël wanted him to achieve. But that was not enough to ease the tensions and resentments: “He knew me at the worst time when it came to bulimia. When it’s like that, you no longer have a family life, your wife catches you stealing from the fridge at night, it’s filthy stuff. I did this to Raphy, I know he’s mad at me” said Guy Carlier again to the Parisian in the month of January. But against all odds on July 31, Carlito took a step towards his father.

In a long message posted on Twitter, Raphaël Carlito returned to the ties that unite them and the problems that punctuate their father-son relationship: “There is a gray area. An area where things aren’t terrible or great. […] I hate this area more than I hate my relationship with my dad. I hate that it took so long to figure it out, I hate that no one helped me earlier to analyze the situation, to put their finger on it. My brother and my mother relieved me a lot, it’s true, but it seems to me that they were advancing in the same greyness, or even more.