Gwen Stefani autographs arm of a fan in Tecate Emblema; she tattoos it [Video] – The Sun of Mexico

Gwen Stefani returned to our country Thanks to the first edition of Tecate Emblem, where the singer closed with a flourish the great event held this weekend at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome.

The show of the famous interpreter was full of emotions but without a doubt one of the moments that took the night away was when suddenly, a fan did the impossible to circumvent security and get to where the artist was.

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Gwen did not hesitate to approach the young woman, who immediately told her that if he signed her arm, she would get a tattoo of his autograph.

The singer was amazed at the request and even asked “if I was sure” to which the Mexican did not hesitate to say yes.

Stefani signed his arm and even let me record it in a short video as proof of what had just happened.

Gwen Stefani’s tattoo offered for free

After the meeting, a tattoo artist searched for the girl, who was later identified as Taylor, and offered to tattoo Gwen’s autograph completely free of charge.

The fan accepted his offer, where the entire process to fulfill her dream was recorded on video.

After finishing the tattoo, they shared the final result on social networks so that Gwen knew that the Mexican had kept her promise.

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Finally, the artist recognized her faithful follower and also shared the photograph of her autograph, which has now been forever embodied in the skin of the young woman who became a trend.