Hablando Urbano: The transformation of Chesca | shows

When Francesca Ramírez puts on the wig, it changes in a matter of seconds and comes to life Chescaan outgoing artist, who fills the stage with energy.

“I put on the wig, I do the ‘make up’ and it’s like ‘let’s go’, I’m already ‘ready’. It’s ‘cool’, because you can be a character and I like being able to transmit that security. But Francesca too; In other words, Francesca little by little is coming out of her ‘shell’, because Francesca is still not a person that people know a lot about, but when I give to Francesca, I give to them Francesca, ”he explained. she.

When he thinks of a date that he would like to relive, he unhesitatingly says that May 5th that changed his life and that he recognizes as the genesis of his introverted personality. At age 11, she was in a boat with his father, he fell into the sea and his hair got entangled in the boat’s engine. He was in a coma for a while and had to undergo more than 14 reconstructive surgeries. His physical and mental recovery lasted eight years and music was key then and he still is.

Although he would return to that moment to avoid the event, “I feel that this accident changed my life and turned to a super positive side that now when I grow up I can understand why it happened,” he said in an interview with THE SPOKESMAN.

Easy for collaborations

Since her career took off three years ago, she has been a faithful believer that there is strength in unity.

Arcángel, Pitbull, Villano Antillano, Alejo, Nio García and Grupo Firme are part of the list of artists who have collaborated with the ponceña.

Now add Dalex with the single Easy.

“It’s a slightly different topic from what people are used to from me, because they know that I love dancing and I do super danceable things. But this topic seems special to me, because it’s something I’ve never done. I have never done a little song like that, romantic, ”she expressed.

He said that he had been waiting for a while to collaborate with Dalex and producer Izon was the one who connected them.

“I had the idea and Dalex really liked it. Usually, when you do collaborations, you like to do something from scratch with the artist to find the vibe and that, but I already had that song and I felt it was a super ‘cool’ song, different and I showed it to him, he loved it. He composed his part and it came out, ”he narrated about the origin of the single.

Both collaborated in the musical production together with Fermin Daddy, Mechi and Izon, to achieve the cut, which is available on all digital platforms and has a video directed by Kevin Quiles.

On the other hand, Chesca’s taste for dancing led her to create a choreography for Shakira’s song with BZRP, which was shared on the Colombian’s social networks.

Chesca anticipated that it will arrive this year in countries where it has an audience, but has never been presented, such as Spain and Mexico.

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