Hagen Reinhold left Karoline Preisler for Annina Ucatis: That’s how she feels

Hagen Reinhold is in a relationship with the former porn star Annina Ucatis and thus made headlines. His ex Karoline Preisler has now spoken to RTL about it.

This sudden love story created a whole wave of headlines. The FDP member of the Bundestag Hagen Reinhold (44) made a new relationship public – not with anyone, but with the former porn actress Annina Ucatis (43). The allegations that the love affair had already begun when Reinhold was still in a relationship with his ex Karoline Preisler (51), denied the new woman on the side of the politician. Nevertheless, it was a major setback for Preisler. She has now spoken to Frauke Ludowig about this humiliation and also told how she deals with the media hype that has arisen around her.

Karoline Preisler withdrew her candidacy at the Constitutional Court after the scandal

The lawyer makes it clear right at the beginning of the RTL interview: “I’m pretty much at the mercy of this situation today. I didn’t choose that. It didn’t correspond to my life plan.” Her former partner’s new relationship even had a direct impact on her career. She actually ran as a candidate for a post as a constitutional judge, but then withdrew her candidacy. She now gives RTL a reason for this decision: “A constitutional court should be able to work in the necessary calm and seclusion. But if a potential constitutional judge draws attention to a topic that is absolutely unlawful, then she should take herself out of the game . If only out of respect for the people who are served by the constitutional bodies,” said Preisler.

Karoline Preisler on Hagen Reinhold’s new relationship: “You have to have a pretty strong skin”

Her summary is clear, because Karoline Preisler is open to the fact that her former partner’s new love is gnawing at her self-confidence. “The situation certainly doesn’t make me the most confident woman ever. That was a setback, for sure. The partner with whom I started a family left me for another woman and this woman corresponds to different ideals of beauty than the ones I lived .” Again and again she has to put up with comparisons with Annina Ucatis, which is not always easy, as Frauke Ludowig openly reveals. But she also chooses harsh words with a look at herself: “You have to have a pretty strong skin. As a small, wrinkled 51-year-old woman, do I want to surrender to such superficialities? I think the answer for each person can only be: ‘It can’t be about such superficiality.'”

Karoline Preisler has experienced a lot of support and has “almost only met lovely people”

Nevertheless, the lawyer also reports on surprisingly positive experiences that have happened to her recently and which she apparently did not really expect. Because on the street and in public she encounters very different reactions: “There are people who whisper, but there are also a lot of wonderful things. Sometimes people ring the bell and give me flowers or hug me. Of course there are also unpleasant situations, namely this enormous compassion that I meet when I’m on the street and certain people look at you with pity and whisper. But that’s life.” It seems as if Karoline Preisler is very at peace with herself and as if she was able to make peace with the situation. So she also gets positive sides of the attention and explains: “Everything has two sides. I’m really looking forward to the calm after the storm, but even in this storm I almost only met lovely people.”

Ex-wife raises serious allegations: "Both lied for many months"

Here Preisler has raised serious allegations. In the video you can learn more about her first reaction to the new relationship.
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Karoline Preisler calls Hagen Reinhold and Annina Ucatis a “beautiful couple”

And for Hagen Reinhold and his Annica too, Preisler ultimately finds only positive and friendly words: “I think that’s a very attractive woman and I think my former partner and his new companion are a beautiful couple, but it probably can’t be lie in these superficialities. I hope that they will also discover other things that connect them and lead a very nice, happy life – because I will have that too.” With such a positive attitude, she definitely will.