Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber on a double date with Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner and hailey baldwin, in a file photo of the met gala 2021

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Just a few weeks ago we knew that haley bieber, during a routine breakfast in his California mansion, he had suffered a slight clot in the brain or what is the same, a stroke that affected him “in the way he moved” and was “much more typical of older people ”. Luckily, this medical scare ended up being solved almost immediately and there was no sequel to the incident. According to close sources, the interpreter himself, who was with her when all this happened, would have been even more traumatized than her wife who experienced it in the first person. Normal! Now, after a few days, the couple resumed their social life in the best possible way: with friends.

The Biebers were seen this past Sunday going to dinner with Kendall Jenner and her secretive boyfriend, Devin Bookerto the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi located in Santa Monica, very close to the residences of both couples. A double date that the paparazzi witnessed when they caught leaving and entering the four of said premises. A very fashionable enclave in the Californian city that, to our surprise, presents an affordable menu that is close to 18 euros per set. There the friends, whose bond is especially strong between Bieber and Jenner, were able to enjoy a fruity wine and some delicacies from the boot of Europe that will now soon become fashionable for those who step on the premises.

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It’s not the first time they’ve gone on a ‘double date’

Special mention deserve the ‘lookazos’ that the lovebirds wore to the appointment. Hailey opted for a tight black dress with a floral detail and a wide neckline that she dressed with several chokers that we are already looking for on the internet; while Jenner opted for a semi-transparent floral-inspired top with a strapless cut. Be careful because she is still wearing the natural redhead that we fell in love with a few weeks ago. A hit for a casual dinner.

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Likewise, the four young people – who when it comes to their private plot are strictly serious – have already been seen in public on other occasions. Without going any further, they went together to the last American football final where the Super Bowl took place. There they posed natural in front of some comebacks and some nachos with guacamole that shows that yes, although they belong to the elite of Hollywood, they also have fun like us.

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