“Hair wreath in front, bald head in back”: Sonya Kraus describes the consequences of chemo

“Fringe of hair in front, bald head in back”
Sonya Kraus describes the consequences of chemo

Presenter Sonya Kraus continues to be extremely brave in the fight against her cancer. Despite everything, she doesn’t let her humor be taken away – as her current report on the status of her chemotherapy proves.

Moderator Sonya Kraus has given her followers on Instagram a new update on the progress of her chemotherapy. For a photo of herself, the 48-year-old provides information on how the treatment has made itself felt in the past few days and weeks.

There is no noticeable change in the picture itself. However, the fact that the reality behind it looks significantly different is evident from the moderator’s comment on the recording: “Hair ring in front is still okay, bald head in back.”

Kraus reveals that she is also forced to improvise when it comes to her eye area: “Bye the eyelashes, but the wrong ones also stick bomb on the skin. Complexion captivates with elegant paleness. All in all? YAY. Works for me! Thank you, dear universe”, Kraus is as full of life as ever.

At the beginning of April, the presenter had already posted a video on the subject of hair loss due to chemotherapy. “My own hair is down to 20 percent and looks pretty sad,” she revealed at the time. But she “doesn’t care at all,” she asserted and then took off her wig. “It’s also getting really bare up here… but what the heck? Don’t let that get you down – it’s growing again!”

With this optimistic attitude, Kraus has been keeping her fans up to date since mid-February. At that time, she also announced via Instagram that she had both breasts removed in September 2021 due to a highly aggressive tumor. She also went public with her story to encourage other patients and to make people understand the urgency of cancer screening.