“Hairs are going to fly!”; So were the last days of Jenni Rivera

On the weekend that she tragically died, Jenni Rivera was excited about the finale of La Voz México, the reality show on which she was a coach.

Although she had concerts first in Colima and then in Monterrey, Jenni had everything planned to fly to Mexico City early Saturday morning and arrive on time to do the program.

Before flying to those concerts, she decided to have one last get-together with her reality show students, including Luz Ramos, who had become someone very close to her.

“La diva de la banda” decided to take them to La Marquesa to have fun and relax before the final of La Voz México. There, she talked to Luz and told her a peculiar and emotional phrase: “My galla, give it a lot.”

Already in La Marquesa, he gathered his team and told them: “We are going to play, have fun, relax because on Sunday I want you with your mother.”

Luz Ramos remembers: “That day he hugged me… but a long, very long hug. He told me: I want you to rest because on Sunday hair will fly.”

Jenni Riversa died in a plane crash while returning from Monterrey to Mexico City. Her plane crashed in a mountainous area south of the municipality of Iturbide on the same Sunday that the first final of La Voz México was to take place, which Luz Ramos finally won.

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