Hans Peter Hallwachs guarded his family like a state secret

Hans Peter Hallwachs is dead. The family has been mourning for two weeks, and the news has only just become public. But who does the actor actually leave behind?

“He was extraordinary, humorous, loving, uncompromising, straight, enthusiastic and loved,” says a family obituary. “He lives on in our hearts and in his roles, in films, series and audio books. For us he always played leading roles, a long fulfilling life.”

Hallwachs kept his family out of the public eye

His family consists of his wife Anne and his three children. Hallwachs leaves behind two daughters and a son. Otherwise little is known about the private life of the actor. Hallwachs, who was married twice, always kept his family out of the public eye. Only his daughter Clara, who was born in 1995, is also trying to gain a foothold in the film sector – albeit behind the cameras. In addition to stars like Heike Makatsch or Moritz Bleibtreu, she worked as a costume designer in “I’ve never been to New York” in 2019.

Hans Peter Hallwachs also appeared with Clara at public appearances, for example in August 2014 he was photographed with her at the performance of the opera “Der Rosenkavalier” at the Salzburg Festival. Father and daughter both grin into the cameras of the photographers present. You can see one of the pictures here.

Hans Peter Hallwachs with his daughter Clara: Here the two can be seen together at a festival in Salzburg in 2014.
Hans Peter Hallwachs with his daughter Clara: Here together in Salzburg in 2014. (Source: Imago)

Hallwachs avoided the spotlight as much as possible, far away from the stages on which he performed at the start of his theater career in 1959. Pictures with his wife Anne are also exceptions, one of the few was taken on the occasion of the presentation of the German Television Prize 2008 in Cologne. He too was once nominated for prestigious awards such as the German Film Prize: but for his role in “Never in Life” in 1991 it was “only” enough for the Max Ophüls Prize.

Hans Peter Hallwachs with his wife Anne 2008 in Cologne
Hans Peter Hallwachs with his wife Anne 2008 in Cologne (Source: imago stock&people)

Hallwachs’ almost reclusive demeanor is also consistent with the many of the 200 roles he has played in his career. The film critic Kay Weniger once described it in the “Personenlexikon des Films” as follows: “From the beginning of his film career, the tall, lanky, slim actor played serious characters, laconic, not very talkative and edgy types with a very undercooled charm. His demure charisma brought him , despite leading roles like Fabian in Wolf Gremm’s Kästner film of the same name, only limited awareness and no widespread popularity.”

For his family, however, this public assessment will hardly play a role. As it became known 14 days after the death of Hans Peter Hallwachs, his wife and three children said goodbye to the star actor.