Hans Sigl reacts to fan criticism

Updated on 03/22/2022 at 7:47 p.m

  • Hans Sigl responded to criticism from some fans on Instagram.
  • Previously, the actor shared a picture of autograph mail showing some addresses.
  • “It wasn’t on purpose,” Sigl now defends himself.

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“Bergdoktor” star Hans Sigl has gathered a loyal fan base around him. Now, however, the actor has come under criticism on Instagram because he had not covered several of his fans’ addresses when sharing a photo of autograph mail. A clear violation of data protection law, say some followers. Hans Sigl reacts to the criticism with another Instagram post.

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“I hadn’t noticed before that you could read one or two senders of the autograph mail,” explains the 52-year-old. He also shares a selfie that shows him with black glasses and a flat cap.

“The data protection officers were already running up,” he jokes and writes: “It wasn’t on purpose.” He remembers the times when “the address and number were in small houses with telephones”. He also writes: “I had posted a photo with many letters, which I will all answer, so chill your music.”

“Cool that you answer fan mail”

His fans seem to have already forgiven Hans Sigl for the “offence” and are wondering in the comment column how they can get an autograph card from the actor themselves. “I’m a loyal Bergdoktor fan and also saw the last film. Can someone tell me how to get an autograph?” Asks a user.

“It’s always cool that you answer fan mail, but someone gets upset again,” another user protects the actor. “If you accidentally post my address, I’ll laugh about it. I promise.”
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