Hape Kerkeling reopens the “Club Las Piranjas”

Animator Edwin Öttel celebrates his comeback. In Mauritius, Hape Kerkeling breathes new life into the iconic “Club Las Piranjas”. There are also some familiar faces.

the essentials in brief

  • TV icon Hape Kerkeling (57) is shooting the sequel to the cult comedy “Club Las Piranjas” in Mauritius.

More than 25 years after the TV fun, the holiday club is opening its doors again: «Right from the start: Here at ‘Club Las Piranjas’ we address each other by first names. I’m Edwin.”

Kerkeling slips back into the role of entertainer Edwin Öttel. This time he is doing his practical jokes in a four-part mini-series for the streaming service RTL +, as RTL announced: “Unlike in the comedy of the same name from 1995, this time the series sequel actually plays in a paradisiacal environment – which does not mean, however, that animator legend Edwin Öttel a relaxed holiday is imminent.»

In addition to Kerkeling, Angelika Milster, who then and now plays Edwin’s clever colleague Biggi Jakobs, is also set to return. Judy Winter also slips back into the role of hotel manager Dr. Renate Wenger. But there are also many new faces. Ben Münchow (“Because we champions are”) stars as Edwin’s son Bjorn, and Trang Le Hong (“Semi-detached house”) stars as Bjorn’s fiancee Lani.

Other roles are played by Cordula Stratmann (“Ellerbeck”) as the patent Ruhrpott landlady Änne Burger, Benno Fürmann (“Babylon Berlin”) as the administrator of the estate, Rick Kavanian (“Der Schuh des Manitu”) as the Bavarian head of the family Tony Brandl and Andrea Sawatzki (” Bundschuh family ») as Schlager icon Lilly de Jung. The series is scheduled to run on RTL+ in winter and later on RTL.

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