Hape Kerkeling: TV award for his life’s work

Award ceremony on September 16.

The entertainer and author Hape Kerkeling (56) is honored with the German Television Prize for his achievements on the screen and in many other creative disciplines. “With this award, the donors honor the comedian, entertainer, actor and author as a personality who has been delighting audiences for decades with their enormous diversity and creativity,” announced the Permanent Secretariat of the Television Prize in Cologne on Wednesday.

Honorary award

In the course of his career, Kerkeling (“I’ll be gone”) has been the protagonist of numerous “formative TV shows”, he has directed films and landed in the charts. As an author, he also proved to be a “sensitive and precise observer”.

Born in Recklinghausen, he will personally receive the honorary award from the donors on September 16. The gala moderated by Barbara Schöneberger (47) can be seen on RTL. The German Television Prize has been awarded since 1999 for outstanding television performance. It is donated by RTL, ZDF, Sat.1, ARD and Deutsche Telekom. This year RTL is in charge of the project.

Kerkeling, who recently took a long TV abstinence, is currently working with the RTL media group on new projects. Several formats have been announced. The entertainer is slated to return to the screen later this year.

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