“Happily divorced”, but without closing the doors to love | shows

One year after her divorce, the actress and comedian Noris Joffre returns to Puerto Rico to tell her experience and show the world that she is “happily divorced”, but without closing the doors to love.

Through the ‘stand-up comedy’ Marital Status: Happily Divorced, the actress will highlight what she experienced after her separation from fellow actor José Brocco, with whom she was married for 17 years.

“These are my experiences that I have become aware of, I have fallen, I have gotten up and I am going to make a joke out of that, to add the black humor that characterizes me and to laugh at my own misfortunes. Because if we can call it one way, we’re going to call it misfortune, although I don’t think it was a misfortune. It was a blessing to be divorced. If I had not found out about the things that I found out, it would not have happened and I would be in the same foolishness and trying to be who I was not, “said Joffre.

In that sense, she says she realized that she was “happily divorced” two days after signing the papers.

“I have such a brutal way of disconnecting that nothing that hurts me or affects me, I allow space in my mind. I take it off one. If I was in love, I fall out of love very easily, it is that or I was not, I prefer to think that I was not, “she added.

“Would you remarry?” asked THE SPOKESPERSON.

“It is possible because people are dumb. Man is the only animal that trips over the same stone twice. But I think that if that happened again I would try, one never hits the nail on the head, but I would try to get to know the person very well beforehand or at least get to know them a little further than perhaps I knew my previous partners, because relationships They started very quickly,” he acknowledged.

Along these lines, he revealed that he is meeting someone with whom he has already talked about the terms he wants in a relationship.

“When you have a friend, you don’t expect anything, you don’t feel obliged to call him every day, you are not questioning him to see how he is or where he is. Yes, maybe they do things that couples do, that’s why they call them friends with rights, but they’re still friends. Sometimes the status or the label gives you rights that you are not really supposed to have because each person is independent and individual and owner of his life and his time, ”she added.

During the show that will go on stage this Saturday at Punto Fijo, at the Center for Fine Arts (CBA) in Santurce, the actress promises to tell experiences that provoke a connection with the public. She will talk about her two divorces and how she has made up for “lost time” after 27 years in two relationships.

Once she completes her performances in Puerto Rico, she will return to Miami to go on stage with a play where she plays a porn actress who gets cancer and gathers her fellow actors to break the news.

In one year he has filmed several films, including Cerdo, starring Julián Gil; Look at me like this, which will premiere soon at Pantaya, among other projects. In January she will make a film in Colombia and also claimed to have approaches to record a Netflix series.

Although she is full of work outside of Puerto Rico, her connection with the Island endures and ensures that wherever she stands she will be: “Puerto Rico’s Noris Joffre”.

Marital status: Happily divorced will be presented at Punto Fijo this Saturday and Sunday; on Thursday, May 26 at Rancho Grande in Añasco; on Friday, May 27 at the Serrallés Castle in Ponce and on Saturday, May 28 at the América Theater in Vega Baja. Tickets for the functions of San Juan, Ponce and Vega in PRTicket and for reservations in Añasco you must call 787-464-4175.

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