Happy Christian Pagán with his musical “trip” | shows

Through some mistakes, the singer-songwriter Christian Paganhas been forging the path until he found the sound with which he feels comfortable and sure of himself.

“I compare the process of being in the studio a lot to going to the gym. The more you go, the stronger you get, the more confident you feel about yourself. So that’s what’s happened to my music. I went through a process living in Miami, where I went into the studio and I didn’t connect with the music, I didn’t connect with the things that were happening around me, even though I felt I needed it… I definitely feel, in this moment, very sure of my career musically, where I can project what my influences are, without ceasing to be me, without losing my essence”, said Pagán.

The romantic essence with which he became known in 2011, when he won Idol Puerto Rico, is reflected in the single Viajo Feliz, together with the artist Cory. The theme shows her transition to urban pop.

“I wanted this song to be like a ‘vibe,’ like a ‘mood,’ where regardless of what’s going on around you, you’re in a perfect world. What I wanted to convey was like traveling in that universe where there is only the love of your life and you and you are dancing with that. I think we did it,” the NBC American Song Contest semifinalist told THE SPOKESMAN.

The musical exploration continues with the creation of the content of an EP, which he hopes to release next year.

explore acting

On the other hand, the public will be able to enjoy his second job as an actor with the premiere on the Peacock platform of the series The Bay, which was filmed in Puerto Rico and also has the participation of Robi Draco.

“I really like music. Obviously, I was born with it and it’s like my first choice, but acting, every time I get involved in these projects, I realize that I like it and it awakens a kind of passion in me. Because in the end, we artists are creative people. And acting allows me to create a character. I consider myself a somewhat introverted type within everything, and there are characters that allow me to bring out that other, those other emotions that one has out there ”, admitted who debuted in this field in 2017, in Guerra de Ídolos, from Netflix.

On the other hand, he appreciated the expressions of affection towards his brother, Luis Ernesto Mendoza, who was diagnosed with cancer.

“The good news is that her last chemo was a week ago. He is surrounded by a lot of human affection and a lot of faith. The cancer process is something that hurts and hurts, especially for the person who is going through it, in this case my brother. But, obviously it is also bad to see someone you love suffering and not having a good time ”, he concluded.

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