Hard reality check: farmer Justin boots out winning favorite

Updated on 5/5/2022 at 7:12 am

  • Tough reality check on farmer Justin’s farm in Alsace.
  • While the self-confident Maureen still sees herself as the favourite, her farmer has long been kissing the competition.
  • Also in France, the race for the heart of farmer Rolinka seems to have already been decided.

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Kissing alarm on “Bauer sucht Frau International” (RTL): Justin, the most sought-after farmer this season, gets closer to his lady-in-waiting Steffi from Austria in the current episode. During a private conversation in the great outdoors, things crackle between the 34-year-old and her farmer from Alsace, who is four years younger.

“When I look into her eyes, I’m almost lost,” Justin enthuses about Steffi. And the lady-in-waiting is also on fire. “I feel very comfortable around you,” she compliments the farmer. He doesn’t hesitate and gives her a kiss on the cheek. One thing leads to another and suddenly the two are in each other’s arms and the first kiss follows.

Maureen follows: “I don’t know if Steffi is the right one”

Meanwhile, competitor Maureen sits unsuspectingly on the sofa. Only when she sees Justin and Steffi returning in familiar harmony does her mood darken: “It wasn’t the best way to leave me here,” she says.

But the farmer wants to come clean and asks the 29-year-old for a walk. “My heart has now opened for the Austrian side,” he admits to Maureen that he chose her competitor, “there is a special chemistry there.” Maureen makes it cool: “Yes, everything is fine,” she replies succinctly.

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Farmer Justin kisses the lady-in-waiting Steffi: “When I look into her eyes, I’m almost lost.”


But is everything really good? The brunette kicks again violently on her departure. Justin “didn’t ask any questions”, overall “little came”. With regard to Steffi, Maureen also does not save with pointed remarks: “For me, love at first sight looks different than with the two. I don’t know whether Steffi is the right one.”

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“Bauer sucht Frau International”: Rolinka only has eyes for one

Does wine farmer Rolinka in southern France already know which of the two candidates could be the right one for her? The sporty PR expert Frank is clearly more popular with the 54-year-olds: be it chopping wood or kneading dough in the kitchen.

Auditor Alexander has to bring out heavier artillery to be noticed at all. He forms a heart out of pizza dough. But Rolinka only looks briefly and nods benevolently. “Her reaction was very sobering for me,” complains the 54-year-old.

When meeting Rolinka’s friends in the evening, the farmer’s wife only has eyes for Frank. During a little dance, she seeks physical contact. Frank is also happy: “You have great friends,” he flatters the farmer’s wife.

“Frank always finds the right words. I hope they are honest too,” replies Rolinka in front of the RTL camera. One thing can no longer be hidden: “There’s a bit of a tingling sensation.” (ch)
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16 farmers and one farmer’s wife are looking for love on RTL in 2022. “The new farmers” of the 18th season “Bauer sucht Frau” offer a lot and expect even more. Among them is the first bisexual contestant in the show’s history.