Hard story by Carballo, from ‘Desafío’, about childhood; endured hunger in Bogotá

From the beginning of the “reality” of Caracol Televisión, Carballo stood out among the participants for his personality, since there were times when he was not far from controversy and his permanence was at risk.

The recently eliminated from ‘The Box Challenge’ left a mark on each of the ‘Super Humans’, who went from criticizing him for his way of being, They showed him love and support on several occasions.

However, few details were known about his private life and this Saturday on the program ‘La Red’ he opened his heart and recounted some of the hardest episodes of his life, among which the bad relationship he had with His parents.

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What happened to Carballo, from ‘Challenge’ in his childhood

Jorge Luis Castillo Carballo assured in the gossip program that in his childhood and adolescence he lived through several difficult situations that were key to forging his character, Thanks to the experiences he had at his young age, he was able to be who he is today.

“My mom and dad are separated and it was like an obligation to have me. I played one year with one and another year with the other”initially said about how he lived his early years.

But the difficult thing for him came when he was 15 years old, because he said that his parents got tired of having him and decided to pay him a rent in Pitalito

“There came a time when they did not contribute more for the rent and that is where I find life and reality. There were days when I was hungry and I said ‘I can’t stay here, I have to go somewhere else’”.

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The athlete decided to travel to Bogotá and, according to what he said, he arrived at the place he rented only with a bundle of clothes. After getting a certain amount of money, as a result of his work, he bought his things until he saw that the situation was improving little by little.

I slept on top of my clothes and there they helped me with a job. There was a moment when I saw myself fulfilled, I already had a bed and a mattress, which was the first purchase I made in Bogotá and it cost me around 80,000 pesos”.

Without asking his family for help, he went ahead and focused on practicing Olympic walking, sport that led him to travel to various places nationwide by being part of the Colombian team. However, he confirmed that, despite everything he experienced, he never turned his back on his loved ones.

“I have no grudge against them [a sus padres]. I talk to my mom, I help her where I can. My dad is also in a difficult money situation and I have had to help him as much as I could, ”she concluded.

Here, his story in ‘La Red’: