Hard to recognize Heidi Klum! Now the beauty doc is speaking

Heidi Klum unrecognizable! Now the beauty doc speaks: “Good result”

03/21/2022 at 10:22 p.m

Heidi Klum: This is the career of the German top model

Heidi Klum: This is the career of the German top model

She is one of the most famous German models: Heidi Klum. But Heidi Klum is not only on the catwalk, but also works as an actress, presenter and producer.

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what has Heidi Klum only employed? The supermodel is barely recognizable in his latest shots. The natural beauty’s face looks very different and somehow lifted.

while has Heidi Klum a makeover isn’t even necessary, as even a beauty doc is now claiming.

Heidi Klum revealed by Beauty Doc: Her new look did not come about naturally

With her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show Heidi Klum for shocked faces. The GNTM boss’s cheeks looked sprayed on, her skin smoothed. There was no trace of laughter lines and small wrinkles around the eyes.

A pretty unnatural look for the otherwise down-to-earth Heidi, who shows herself again and again without make-up or completely naked on Instagram.

Heidi Klum herself has not yet commented on the allegations that she had anything done to her. But Dr. Murat Dagdelen immediately recognizes that the beauty doc was there.

Cosmetic surgeon explains: Heidi Klum has undergone various injections

The specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery confirms to “klatsch-tratsch.de”: “Since it looks very smooth overall in current pictures, it is possible that she has undergone various injections with hyaluronic acid and/or Botox. When she smiles or frowns, it is very smooth. This could speak for a Botox treatment in the area of ​​the forehead and frown lines. In this context, the crow’s feet (wrinkles in the eye area, editor’s note) could have been treated with Botox.”

But the cheeks also sting Dr. Dagdelen immediately catches the eye. “It would also be possible that her cheeks were padded with the help of hyaluronic acid, as it looks very fresh and plump. If necessary, the hyaluronic acid injections were carried out in combination with a thread lift to tighten the area even more,” he explains.

Expert would have advised Heidi Klum against injections: “Didn’t tend to wrinkle”

However, he does not believe in an operation on Heidi’s face. According to Dr. Dagdelen didn’t need it: “Heidi Klum hasn’t been particularly prone to wrinkling so far. The fact that the first wrinkles are appearing at the age of 48 is completely normal.”


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The face of the GNTM star was definitely not messed up. dr Dagdelen states: “Overall it’s a good result.”

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