Hari Sama ventures into the podcast with Batman unearthed

Director Hari Sama ventures into the podcast with batman unearthedand after directing some episodes of all the bloodfully enter the world of the series with A beautiful liean adaptation of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, in which the Russian aristocracy is replaced by social networks in its role of “judging women differently than men,” he says in an interview.

In any medium, he says, fiction helps us understand our reality. “The Greeks already said it, that catharsis is like a cleansing process where you can cry accompanying a character and understand the darkness or the issues they go through without necessarily living it firsthand, which leads you to learning and in In the best of cases, it can make us more compassionate beings, which is why I have the obsession to look compassionately at all the characters that I have had the honor of converting into the third dimension,” he adds.

“I think it is very important to allow tragedy to enter our lives through fiction because that allows us to understand reality a little better perhaps,” says the person who says that in the case of the podcast, “it was very interesting to discover that, as in virtual reality, the characters come off the screen and sit on your lap.”

In the plot, Bruno Díaz forgot his alter ego and works as a forensic doctor in his father’s clinic, where the corpses of a ruthless murderer arrive, whose crimes will be solved by an investigator with the help of another singular character, while Batman reappears. .

This week, Hari finished filming A beautiful lie “a contemporary adaptation of Tolstoy’s tragedy and you are going to see a different aspect of Kate del Castillo (the protagonist), very sensitive, it is a very authorial piece, I was able to direct all the episodes and be an executive producer, I put my heart into the piece and I am very proud of the result”, he explains of his adaptation to the original Australian version from seven years ago.

In this case, Ana is a successful diver, “that as Anna Kareninais going to make a decision based on passion and a mediatic, human catastrophe ensues, which leads us to ask ourselves why we judge women and men so differently, especially the translation of the Russian aristocracy to social networks, it seems to me very wise, how the networks have become that new black and white where we judge others, in which the patriarchal dimension permeates not only by men, but also by them, who judge women with another measuring stick which is terrifying.”

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Regarding his next projects, he anticipates that he is developing a couple of series with the production company Fábula, by the Chileans Pablo and Juan de Dios Larráin; “One of them for the United States with Apple and I shoot my first North American film at the end of this year with a very large Hollywood production company called H2L, it narrates the life of the doctor who gave the lethal morphine injection to Hank Williams, who is like the Elvis Presley of country, a very melancholic musician of the 50s, it is a very exuberant film, very crazy in which the doctor also lives with the ghost of this great singer. It’s a tragicomedy that gets into issues that matter a lot to me, like music, addiction, redemption”, concludes the leader of the post-punk band Noble savage.