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The vocalist of Armonía 10, Irvin Saavedra, experienced a terrible accident that takes its toll on him to this day.

The First Harmony 10 of Piura was about to lose one of its main voices when, on the afternoon of Friday, October 30, 2020, the singer Irvin Saavedra Girón suffered a terrible accident while riding his linear motorcycle, which was hit by a bus on the Piura highway -Snout. The driver fled and the cumbiambero was rushed to a local clinic, where Walther Lozada, leader of the so-called Universidad de la Cumbia, and his director, Javier Lozada, attended.

Harmony 10: what happened to Irvin Saavedra?

The so-called ‘Juan Gabriel of Peruvian cumbia’, Irvin Saavedraresulted in a fracture of the tibia and fibula in the left leg, which forced him to undergo surgery.

Through his social networks, Harmony 10 issued a clarifying statement: “Irvin is not torn between life and death. Please, stop circulating certain images of the accident, out of respect for his integrity and his family.


Why did Irvin Saavedra leave Armonía 10?

The accident of Irvin David Saavedra Giron It happened during the isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, although face-to-face concerts were not allowed, the cumbia singer had to stay away from Armonía 10 due to postoperative complications.

Through Facebook, Verónica Cordova, wife of Irvin Saavedra, reported that on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, the interpreter of “La duda” would undergo his fourth operation to save his leg, which had a necrotic ulcer.