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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have continued to call out the royal family as racists ever since they first did so in their March 2020 interview with Oprah Winfrey and now with their Netflix documentary.

The streaming platform project and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex premiered this Thursday, December 8, and for royalty, this documentary means a slap in the face for the revelations in it and because the claim that there is racism in the British crown persists, he wrote the Daily Mail.

“My children are mixed race and I am very proud of that”: Prince Harry’s anti-racist statement in the midst of the scandal over his documentary on Netflix

Harry and Meghan label Britain ‘racist’

To the Sussexes, all of Great Britain is a racist country. This was said in one of the segments of the documentary, where Harry affirms that the royal family has an “unconscious bias” and is “part of the problem.”

Also the historians Afua Hirsch and David Olusoga assure that the British crown is “full of racist images” and they avoid at all costs ruining their “race” for what they oppose to migration in the United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth is described by experts as “Empire 2.0”, according to Hirsch. While the writer Kehinde Andrews claims that “nothing has changed” in the UK, only now the royal family has “better public relations”.

Thanks to this “racist sentiment”, Meghan found it difficult to enter the family and the British public, they say.

For his part, Prince Harry says that “in this family, sometimes you are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. There is a great level of unconscious bias, which is not really anyone’s fault. But once it’s been pointed out, or identified within yourself (the problem), you need to correct it,” he commented.

Prince Harry also accuses Brexit of racial prejudice

Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and those interviewed also accused Brexit of the racial prejudices of the British crown. Harry assures that he is not “just about our history” and adds that “this has always been much bigger than us”.

Meghan’s entry into royalty created a hostile environment and they point out that racism is a key factor behind the Brexit vote.

In this way, Olusoga says that the “fairy tale” of the Sussexes was “embedding itself in a nation that is having a rather toxic debate about the European Union (EU).” This is in reference to the departure of the United Kingdom from the world organization.

“Immigration was at the absolute center of the debate and immigration is very often in this country a key to race,” they said, as clips of Brits making racist remarks played.

“Then the EU commissioned a report in 2016, exactly at the same time that our relationship became public. He warned that if the government wasn’t going to do something, or if the media weren’t going to fix it, a culture war that had already been going on would become huge and become a real problem,” Harry said.

Furthermore, Meghan confessed that she felt a change in treatment after moving to the UK. “At the time, I wasn’t thinking about how race played a role in any of this,” she said.

“It’s very different to be a minority, but not to be treated as a minority from the beginning… I would say that now, people are very aware of my race because they made it an issue when I went to the UK,” he recalled.

Finally, she emphasized that “before that (of the report), most people didn’t treat me as a ‘black woman.’ So that conversation didn’t happen to me.”

Markle’s comments were followed by experts, authors and friends, including her mother, Doria and Serena Williams. For the interviewees, Great Britain, the press and the expectations of the royal fans affected the couple.

Olusoga concluded that, “Who dreamed that Britain would have a black princess? Who could have conceived it? It was the conclusion of a story as improbable as it was amazing”.

Therefore, in the opening of the segment, Markle says: “we were never allowed to tell our story … until now.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex renounced their royal titles and moved to the United States in 2020 after Meghan Markle accused the royal family of making racist comments towards her eldest son, Archie. (AND)

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