Harry and Meghan Markle: this photo that would have caused their departure from the royal family

It doesn’t take much sometimes to change stories. That of Harry and Meghan with the British monarchy would have only taken a photo if we are to believe our colleagues from the Mirroron January 1, 2023.

And if ? This is often the expression that comes up when we think of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. What if they hadn’t left the monarchy? And if Meghan Markle had not been hounded by the British press ? And if Prince Harry didn’t alienate his family. In short, with “ifs”, it is easy to rewrite history, but as sad as it is, the story of Harry and Meghan is indeed that of two lovers who ran away to live far from the pressure of family. British royal. They are two parents who have decided to raise their children, Archie and Lilibeth, in peace and stillness. At least that’s what they said in their documentary on Netflix. Harry & Meghan. A documentary that did not please the British at allIt’s the least we can say.

The day everything changed

Our colleagues from Mirror report that in the unauthorized biography of the princess Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, a theory, in particular, is put forward regarding Prince Harry’s decision to cut ties with La Firme. But what is this reason? Well, It’s a photo that rocked the world. And not just any photo. That of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, Prince William and Prince George. This color shot was posted in 2020 by Buckingham Palace to highlight the future of the British monarchy. A gesture that Harry and Meghan had across their throats. This photo can be seen below.

Following this photo shoot, the Sussexes were stung alive. Very upset, they saw in this publication, a real affront. Andrew Morton the author of the biography Meghan: A Hollywood Princess written : “The royal couple suspected that the whole institution was conspiring against them. As they saw, the evidence was all around them“. He adds : “The unspoken code was simple: the future of the monarchy was assured, with or without Meghan and Harry”. And if Elizabeth II had never chosen this photo…

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