Harry and the interviews that remain to be seen

As expected, the publication of the memories of the prince harry has caused waves. If it was expected that the book could be read in its entirety from January 10, the day of its worldwide release, in an unexpected twist, Spare went on sale in Spain five days earlier. This is how from our newsroom HELLO! In Madrid we have made a copy and we have been able to reliably report the first statements that Harry recounts in his book. From why he decided to share his memories with the world after what happened to his father and brother at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, to how he lived through the harsh loss of his mother that has marked him throughout of his life. But if one thought that what has been reflected in the book is the only thing that will give much to talk about, it must be remembered that as part of the promotion of En la sombra -the Spanish name for the publication-, the Prince has granted some interviews of which we have already seen some advances and we know that they will not leave anyone indifferent. This is how we recount the interviews that are to be seen with Harry in the coming days.



Harry tells for the first time how he found out about his mother’s death and how he has lived through her loss over the years

The leak about the physical altercation between William and Harry

Harry, the Interview

Harry’s first interview that will be released in the coming days is the one he has given to Tom Bradby, a journalist with whom he has been close in recent years, which will be broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom next Sunday at 9 pm London time (3 pm Mexico time). In advance of this interview, Harry has been heard to say that he does not believe that silence is the way to solve the estrangement with his family, in addition to having answered the question of whether he will be at his father’s coronation: “A lot it can happen from now to then…the ball is in your court right now. There’s a lot to discuss and I really hope you’re willing to sit down and talk about it.” In this conversation, the Prince has also said that he believes in the future of the monarchy, but he does not know if he will be part of it and has given one of the statements that has resonated the most in recent days: “I would like to have my father back, I would like to have my brother back.”

60 minutes

When it comes to the United States, Harry has given two interviews, but, without a doubt, the one that has caused the most stir is the one he has had with Anderson Cooper for CBS. This talk will be broadcast only a few hours later, at 7:30 pm New York time (6:30 pm for Mexico).


In this interview, he explained in more depth why he has not handled the situation in private: “Every time I have tried to do it in private there are publications and leaks and stories planted against me and my wife. The family motto is never complain never explain, it’s just a motto. They (Buckingham Palace) will report or have a conversation with a correspondent and that correspondent will literally receive the information directly and write a story, at the end of that, they will comment that they have approached Buckingham Palace for a comment. But the whole story is Buckingham Palace commenting. So when they tell us that for the last six years ‘we couldn’t put out a statement to protect you,’ but you do it for other family members, it becomes a point where silence is treason.”

‘I would like to have my dad and brother back’, Prince Harry’s statements

Good Morning America

In his second interview for the US market, in the talk he had with the morning show Good Morning America -conducted by Michael Strahan, which will be broadcast on Monday morning-, Harry was asked what his mother would think when she saw the brothers faced in this way. “I think I would be sad. I think she would look at it long term, to know that there are things we have to go through in order to heal our relationship. I have felt my mother’s presence more in the last two years than in the other thirty, ”he replied, revealing that she does not rule out that the future will bring him back to William.