Harry and William, the physical altercation that Spare reveals

the memories of prince harry They had a release date of January 10, worldwide it was reported that the publication was jealously guarded, so it seemed that they would have to wait until next week to know the details that it will tell. But in an unexpected twist, not only The Guardian -British publication- has leaked one of the stories that, apparently, will be one of the most striking, but the book is already on sale in Spain. Curiously, what might appear to be the bombing -which was leaked- within the publication has provoked diverse reactions, what is it about? From an account in which Harry recounts a physical altercation in which he was involved with Prince William over Meghan. Within hours of this coming to light, both British TV shows and social media have shown mixed reactions and over time more stories have started to run that can be found in the book.



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According to the British publication, Harry explains that the confrontation took place in 2019 at the residence he lived in at the time -Nottingham Cottage- and that it all started because William would have called Meghan “difficult”, “rude” and “abrasive”. , something that the youngest of the brothers considered was the narrative that the media had and that his brother should be above that. According to the book, William would have told his brother that he was only looking to help him, and that when Harry denied that he was doing it, this greatly angered the now Prince of Wales.

“Willy, I can’t talk to you when you’re like this,” Harry writes, who replied, “He put down his water, said another insult, then came over to me. Everything happened very fast. So fast. He grabbed me by the neck, breaking my collar, and he threw me to the ground. I fell into the dog bowl, which broke under my back, the pieces cutting me. I stood there for a moment, confused, then I stopped and told him to go away ”, reads the extract published by The Guardian.


The story goes on to suggest that William told him to hit him back, citing fights they had as children, and when Harry refused, the older brother left. Later, he would return ‘looking remorseful and apologetic’. Prince Harry writes that before leaving, William told him that he did not need to tell Meghan about this. “You mean you attacked me?”, “I didn’t attack you, Harold”, the older brother would have answered. According to the book, Harry did not immediately tell his wife about this, instead calling his therapist, but after seeing the scrapes on her back, he had to tell Meghan what had happened, who “wasn’t surprised, wasn’t surprised.” i was so angry. She was terribly sad ”, the fragment reads.

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Will there be an answer?

Despite the fact that there are still a few days left for the book to be published in its entirety worldwide -despite the fact that it is already on the shelves in Spain-, it is not expected that at this time or in the future, there will be a reaction from the Palace Buckingham or Kensington Palace. So far, the British publications suggest that both offices have refused to give a position and this is expected to continue.

Beyond the book’s publication, there is also expected to be a strong media reaction this weekend to Harry’s two interviews, both in the US and in Britain, leading up to Spare’s release.