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The expected documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’ arrives soon on Netflix and in a new trailer not only the release dates were confirmed, but also Henry of Sussex and his wife Meghan are shown shedding tears and launching explosive accusations against the British royal family, which was led by Isabel II until he passed away on September 8, 2022. In the midst of the controversy over the documentary, on this occasion the grandson of the former queen speaks of a “dirty game” Against them.

In the new preview, the Dukes of Sussex reviewed the reasons that led them to break their relationship with royalty in the United Kingdom and move to the United States, thus leaving their institutional functions.

1. The lack of support for Meghan from Sussex

“It’s so hard to remember everything and think, ‘What the hell happened?’” states the prince and brother of William of Wales. In the YouTube trailer released by Netflix, you can see how at the beginning she was treated with respect and affection and phrases like “He becomes a real rock star” Y “Meghan, we love you” accompanied by images of the beginning of their relationship, the moment their engagement was announced and even their marriage. There is a cut and change of rhythm in the video, giving way to a less cheerful tone in the music and she appears to say: “and then…” and “everything changed”.

2. Foul play against the Dukes of Sussex

Henry of Sussex notes that “There is a family hierarchy” Y “There are stories that leak, but they also invent.” That was not all because he referred to a “dirty game” and that “The women who enter this institution have a terrible time due to the pressure from the media.” This makes a clear reference to what his mother Diana de Gales experienced, since her images are included.

3. They did not want to repeat the story of Diana of Wales

“I realized that they would never protect me”Meghan is heard saying and images of her crying are shown, while the son of King Carlos III reiterates that he did not want to relive what happened to his mother. “I was terrified. He didn’t want history to repeat itself.”.

4. Interest in harming Meghan

“A war against Meghan was created based on the needs of others”says Jenny Afia, Meghan’s lawyer. “Who was interested in damaging the image of Prince Harry’s wife?”are questioned from the magazine Hello.

At the beginning of the trailer another friend states that “It’s about hate, it’s about race” and an upset prince is shown putting a hand to his face as Meghan pregnant with his daughter Lilibet Diana walks past him.

5. Secrets that will be revealed

“Nobody knows the whole truth (…) We do”affirms a serious Henry of Sussex to show that they decided not to censor anything of their personal history and what they lived within the British royal family.

When and how to see ‘Harry & Meghan’?

The Netflix Documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’ It already has a release date. The first season about Enrique and Meghan from Sussex will have six episodes: the first three will be available on December 8 and the next three on the 15th of the same month.

Watch the new trailer for ‘Harry & Meghan’ here

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