Harry Reveals He Was Attacked By His Brother William After Fight Over Meghan Markle

This Wednesday an excerpt from Spare, Harry’s autobiography, where he reveals that he was physically attacked by his brother William after the two had an argument about Meghan Markle. The preview was published by Guardian and generated impact in the international press.

Harry reveals that William physically attacked him

The event would have occurred in London in 2019, after the heir to the crown described the Duchess of Sussex as “difficult” and “rude”.

In this sense, William would have come to the residence to talk to his brother about all the controversies that appeared in the British media about Markle, at a time when they were newlyweds.

Faced with his older brother’s criticism, Harry reproached him for behaving like a parrot by repeating the same words from the press, indicating that he expected something better from him.

This gave rise to an argument that came to shouting between the brothers, William reaching a state of anger that scared Harry, so he chose to go to the kitchen.

What happened in the kitchen between the brothers?

William also arrived at the place. According to Harry’s account, he offered her a glass of water to calm her down, but it didn’t work.

“He left the water, called me by another name, and then came to me. It all happened so fast. Very quickly,” she recounted.

“He grabbed me by the neck, ripped my collar and threw me to the ground. I landed in the dog bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting me. I stood there for a moment, in a daze, then I stood up and told her to come out,” he claimed.

After this, he indicated that William asked him to attack him again, but he refused and repeated that he leave the place.

Later, his older brother returned to the residence looking remorseful and apologizing.

Finally, Harry pointed out that he did not tell Meghan Markle about what happened, but she realized later when she observed the scratches and bruises in her back.

“I wasn’t that surprised or that angry, I was terribly sad,” she finally said.