Harry Roselmack separated! His wife Chrislaine, mother of his 3 children, announces their breakup

It is a page that will have lasted more than twenty years and marked by multiple happinesses that turns today to Harry Roselmack. Married since 2001 to Chrislaine, the famous 49-year-old animator, at the head of the magazine seven to eight on TF1, has to deal with their break-up. Bad news announced by the one who had been Mrs. Roselmack for more than twenty years.

01/09/2021 a date that marked my life. I am lucky to have found love, to create my family, to experience very beautiful things. But in life, the part of the unexpected finds its place. I have long thought about how to approach the subject or even how I will be able to find the words to announce such news“, begins Chrislaine in the message that she published her Instagram story this Saturday, July 2, 2022. Then the one who is now the ex-wife of Harry Roselmack launches: “I lived very good years with the man of my life, but life was decidedly different. Today I announce my separation with my husband Harry Roselmack. I thank him for all he was, for all he is. I thank him for all these years. I thank him for our children, our jewels. I am proud to have been by his side all these years. A page turns. Life is still full of surprises, all that remains is to write the rest…

During their marriage which lasted two decades, Harry Roselmack and Chrislaine (actress by profession) founded a beautiful and large family made up of three children, two girls, Omaya born in 2007 and Yanaël born in 2008, and a boy Leroy born in 2010.

Discreet couple, rare are the times that Harry and Chrislaine Roselmack have shown themselves together. The duo had nevertheless shared a few red carpets as at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, during the climb of the steps of the film Fractures.

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