Harry Styles helps fan come out at Wembley Stadium

On video.- On Sunday, while performing a concert in London in front of 90,000 people, the British singer took a few minutes to help a member of the public come out.

Coming out is an emotionally charged process. So some people sometimes choose an unconventional moment to take action. This is what happened Sunday in London, during the concert of Harry Styles. 90,000 people gathered at Wembley Stadium in London to listen to the British pop star. Among the fans, an Italian named Mattia held a sign that read “From Ono to Wembley: Help Me Come Out”. The singer of Watermelon Sugar spotting the sign, he asked for it to be passed to him to share the message with the public.

In video, Harry Styles helps a fan come out

“So you would like the people of Wembley to help you come out?” he asked his fan to the applause of the crowd. Then the former One Direction star asked the public to make some noise for the boy while grabbing the multicolored flag of the LGBTQ+ community.

“When this flag flies over my head, you’ll be officially ‘out’, boy. I think that’s how it works.” But Styles, as a stage man, was able to make the pleasure last for a few seconds. Because before executing, he teased Mattia, telling him that he was “still straight”, while he waved the flag on both sides of the stage to the sound of a drumbeat. Then, finally, to raise it triumphantly above his head: “Congratulations Mattia, you are a free man”. And to conclude with a wave of the hand and a blown kiss. The 90,000 spectators then shouted and applauded in a great moment of communion, probably liberating for the young Italian.

This is not a first for Harry Styles. The singer has indeed already helped another fan to come out to his mother, during his American tour in 2021, in line with the benevolent relationship he has with the LGBTQ + community. In his new movie My Policeman (release scheduled for November 4, 2022 on Amazon Prime video), he will also play a gay policeman at the heart of a love triangle with a woman and a man. In terms of music, his third album Harry’s House is currently breaking download records in several countries.

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