Hassam revived Masterchef and boasted a dish for a special woman in his life

Hassam, whose real name is Gerly Hassam Gómez, has closely followed the development of the current season of ‘Masterchef’ and has even taunted some of the current participants.

The Bogota comedian was among the guests recently in a special program with other colleagues, after he was one of the contestants in the 2019 edition.

For this reason, in the midst of the intense situations in the contest, the interpreter of characters such as ‘Rogelio Pataquiva’ and ‘Próculo Rico’, among others, currently exposed his culinary skills.

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Hassam revived ‘Masterchef’ and boasted a dish for a special woman in his life

The former participant of the RCN Channel cooking program shared a photograph from his personal Instagram account, where he has more than 2.5 million pesos, where he relived his times as a chef.

“He craved pasta,” wrote the humorist, in an image in which he showed how he prepared pasta for his eldest daughter, Mariana, who appears in the background of that publication.

Hassam responded in the past to his ex-wife’s remarks about his new girlfriend by indicating that his two daughters, Mariana and Juanita, are the current women in his life.

This was the publication with which the comedian recalled how he carries out the skills he acquired in the Colombian television contest in his participation.

Instagram @oficialhassam
Instagram @oficialhassam